Brief Summary Of Quotes From 'Madding Crowd'

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• Christopher runs into Mrs. Alexander while going to a store. She is unsure to answer his question when he asks her if Mr. Shear killed his mother. When Christopher tells her his mother is dead she gets shocked and tells him that she shouldn't be telling this to him but she going to tell him but first, she said let`s walk to the park, which Christopher doesn't want to do because she is a stranger to him.
• “I`m scared of being in the park with you because you’re a stranger” (61).
• Christopher doesn’t trust people easily which is his weakness as he needs proof that he can trust that person. He doesn’t trust Mrs. Alexander when she tries to be friends with him and thinks she might lead him to a danger. When Christopher’s father Ed tells
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He also uses the public bathroom in the train and made out of the subway station bravely. Overcoming the crowded areas like a subway was a big step to him trying to lose his phobia of lots of people around him.


• There are lots of people in the train which Christopher hates but he manages in the train. Then he suddenly talks about peoples believes.
• “People believe in God because the world is very complicated and they think it is very unlikely that anything as complicated as a flying squirrel or the human eye or a brain could happen by chance” (164).
• He views the world differently than people like you and me, most people believe in God but he thinks people should be logical. He doesn’t like to think that there is a greater power who is ruling us. He says that if there was a greater power than he would not be able to do things he does. Also, one other example that shows he views the world differently is when he unexpectedly meets his mother after two years in London. He just shows up in her house without thinking anything. His views on world made people not like him much like in his school.


• After telling Mrs. Alexander that he is going to London he goes to a lady and asks for a

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