I Loved Being A Caring Essay

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As a child, I loved being a caring "healer" of my beloved toys. My first patient was my unsuspecting teddy bear. I treated his imaginary broken arm with duct tape, cleaned his wounds with a spray bottle filled with tap water and used an entire box of adhesive bandages to cover his lacerations. This childhood play came naturally to me but did little to prepare me for being my mother 's occasional caregiver a little later in life.
Following my parents ' divorce, my mother worked as a letter carrier for the US Post Office. Years of this arduous labor resulted in her suffering from muscle spasms, tendonitis and degenerative cartilage disease that left her incapacitated at times. While doing my chores one evening, my mother yelled my name with an uncharacteristically distressed and pained voice. I rushed to find her lying in the bathtub immobilized by pain. Though the look of fear and panic on her face frightened me, I overcame my fear so that I could help her. She said to me in low, strained tone, "run to the kitchen . . . get the vinegar." For generations, vinegar has been the home remedy of choice in my family passed on to us by my grandmother. I hurriedly brought her the vinegar, she drank it from the bottle and I helped her out of the bathtub. Assisting my mother that frightful evening was the single most important catalyst for my pursuit of a career in healthcare.
I initially wanted to become a physical therapist because my mother 's health was greatly improved due to…

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