I Love You Honey, By Daniela Romo Essay example

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I love you honey, but I love me more at least that is what the phrase says. Daniela Romo wrote this song, dedicated to all the mujeres, who got their hearts broken because of a machista, a jerk. Years has gone by since I have last seen my first love, the one who I truly loved with all my heart. I still remember his monkey eyes, and his burnt-sugar colored skin. The feeling of hot, burning skin when we held hands, un chaparrito, a short person even for Mexican standards. Even throughout the years, I have tried to get Flavio Munguía out of my head. I have done my best these years but there are moments of weakness such as today when I start thinking about him. I remember all the happy memories I had with him. The times we went to eat chilaquiles at the Tacos Torres restaurant or when we went to see cliché Mexican movies starring la India Maria or dancing to all sorts of music. How I miss dancing with Flavio, teaching me all the different styles of dancing like la habanera, el tango, and los valses. I remember the way his hands laid on my hips and my arms around his neck as he showed me the right way of dancing, the way it was supposed to be, as he used to say. I try not to think about him too much but I just cannot help it. It’s the four year anniversary when I first met him, as it all started when I saw his ad on the newspaper called LA CUCARACHA APACHURRADA PEST CONTROL. I used to think fate brought us together since I was housesitting a roach infested house for a rich…

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