Essay about I Love Online Learning It

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In the classroom, you have many things that can help you faster. Such as an instructor/ teacher, other students, and also you can learn from others with the help and different ways of doing and thinking things. Online however, is better to me because you have to force yourself to read, do homework, and make sure you have the right management. Where in school you may not have to work as hard because there are others around and some people like myself can get easily distracted. At home on the computer is different because it is a want and I force myself to read and learn about my work. Instead of just sitting in a classroom and having others around me to help which can also make me lazy and not learn anything. I love online learning it teaches you many things that you would have to do throughout life, such as time management, focusing, multitasking, reading on your own, and also doing the work on your own. It is a way better choice to me. However, in the classroom it can be easy but not everything in the world will be handed to you, you’ll have to go out there and force yourself to do better than to just settle. I think people should get a feel of both and see which one is better for them. I say online is better for me. In the classroom students also try to copy off you and your answers or wait until the day it is due to ask for help and then you backtrack because the teacher dont want students to fall behind so you may be on the same subject longer then you should just…

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