I Love Learn New Things Essay

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I love to learn new things. From learning skills like violin and tennis to learning new concepts in school like the tectonic plates in Geography, I try my best to master everything I set out to learn. The mentality to constantly strive for the best results shaped the ways I learned various things. I am resilient when faced with obstacles during the process of learning different skills and topics, but I do sometimes take shortcuts to achieve perfection. These shortcuts often come in the form of temporary learning where I resort to route learning and skip the process of understanding the concept to achieve my goals. Shortcuts are definitely not the best solution to learning something, but it is an effective way for me to achieve my goals the faced with pressure from external factors.
It was instilled in me since I was young that I had to be resilient and not give up immediately when faced with obstacles because there was alway a way to conquer them. This helped me to master many of the skills I learned despite the many troubles that I faced along the learning process. I joined ballet classes since I was five years old and thoroughly enjoyed it but there was only one problem - my flat feet. Having a high arch in ballet was advantageous because it would be easier to balance when you are en pointe. My flat feet meant that I would have a lower score during exams due to the low arch on my feet, and I would also have a hard time when I start to learn pointe.
I despised the fact…

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