I Lost A Poker Game Essay

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I lost a poker game the other night. My roommate and I were gambling with the handfuls of change we swiped from the church’s Sunday donation plate. Fuckers. That was our money, rightfully. What were they gonna spend it on, another bag of rice to show the kids how shitty it is to live in a third world country? Every year they do that. Every year. They’re not gonna miss... uh. Five seventy-three and a coupon for Mrs. Dash. Neil, the big winner, managed to scrape together the whole pot, worth about nine forty-seven in change. He and I’d been neck and neck in our alcoholic consumption, before he decided to swig about half the Russian Standard. He ran out to the 7-11 down the street for a pack of cigarettes and an instant lottery ticket. I waited for half an hour before I went down to check on him, only to find that he made it about halfway to the store before puking in the Toys for Tots bin and passing out halfway inside it, keeled over its opening, and I was so not helping him. It was just like that one time I was hitting on this girl at a bar, the one time either of us had any spare cash, and he ripped serious ass nearby and then blamed it on me. Out loud. I almost closed the fucking deal, too.
I reached into his pocket for his poker winnings, and then went into the 7-11 to buy some Red Vines, which were all I could afford. It’s sort of a way for me to trick myself into believing for a second that I’m not suffering from being really poor. Or clinical depression. Or clinical…

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