Essay on I Look Across The Table At My Best Friend

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I look across the table at my best friend. The worry on her face is apparent; I know that she is having second thoughts about this wedding. She has been thinking about Jimmy, and I know she misses him.
“Sadie, trust me, you will do great.” I tell her. “There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about.” She runs her fingers through her hair and taps her foot nervously. I walk around the table to stand behind her and fix her now frizzy hair. “You can’t ruin your hair yet. You still have to walk in front of a ton of people.” She quickly turns around and shoots a glare at me. “You aren’t helping!” With a groan, she turns back to the mirror. I giggle and shake my head. “Are you ready to get into your dress yet?” I ask as I point to the pretty dress hanging on the door. “No,” Putting her head on the table she mumbles. “I don’t know if I can do this.” _______
One Year Before

Sadie and I walk into the stadium and she immediately looks for Jimmy. I groan and roll my eyes.
“Why did you get the hot NFL guy?! It’s so not fair.” I groan and look over the rest of the team. How is it possible for so many good-looking guys to gather in the same place at the same time?
“Life isn’t fair when you are as good-looking as I am.” She says as she pops her imaginary collar. Getting to our seats, I roll my eyes as we sit and Sadie laughs.
“You are so full of yourself it is insane.” I tell her, jokingly.
“And your point is?” She says with an attitude bigger than Texas. I shake my…

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