Essay on I Lived At My Father 's House

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I lived at my father’s house until the age of ten. He still lives there; I no longer do. My fathers house is not huge but the land stretches for miles. During the summer his backyard always smelled like fresh cut grass, and during the winter the clean crisp air was refreshing. No matter what season it was I loved to spend time outside with my neighbor Ryan. We were polar opposites he was tall, blonde, and uptight while I was short, brunette, and easy going. I still believe that being completely opposite of each other is what made our friendship work. Together we would spend every season adventuring our yards looking for something out of the norm to do. Season after season like clockwork, we did the same things.
It was the summer of 2008, nearly mid-July when Ryan and I had run out of entertainment. We had spent the hot summer swimming, riding Ryan’s four wheeler, and eating an unhealthy amount of popsicles. The only rule that restricted us while we four wheeled was that we were not aloud to go into the woods, we had to stay in view of our houses. For the past month Ryan and I did whatever he had wanted to do, which wasn’t much. I often did not mind and usually never said anything since I feared losing one of my only friends.
When I woke up on that humid summer morning I knew today was not going to be like the others. I had grown sick of doing the same activities everyday and decided today I would choose how we spent the sunny day. After my cartoons I walked over to Ryan’s,…

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