Essay on I Liked The 180 The Movie

1517 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 null Page
I liked the “180 The Movie” because is informative for people who doesn’t value life and it’s a reminder or an eye opener for people who value life, but they are not strong in their beliefs. It was very strong in the information given, but as humans sometimes we need to be shown and talk to like that in order to realize how bad the consequences are due to one person wrong decision with no spiritual belief and values. I also liked the way the interviewer handle the different responses of everyone in the movie and the comparisons he made with the Holocaust situation relating it to abortion, and the value of life when introducing the ten commandments in the bible. Every time I heard a question in the video I was giving myself a personal response according to my moral values and beliefs. When I heard the different opinions and responses of the people I realized that people really don’t get informed about religious matter in the world or at least not factual values coming from the bible.
One of the comments that impressed me the most was the one about abortion because for some people it’s okay to kill babies in the womb since they think that babies are not alive as soon as they are conceived. In the bible says that God knows us since we were in the womb of our mother and even before then He had plans for us. Who are we to take a life away just because we think we are not prepared, there is no reason that could possibly be enough to justify taking away the life of a child. The…

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