I Learned From Class, Gender, Discrimination, And Discrimination

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One problem I learned from class, is that women are currently still face many issues that were once thought of as being resolved. Issues such as wage discrimination, job discrimination, sexualization, and violence are only a few of the many issues we are challenged with. Not only do women still deal with these issues but we also endure sexism on a day to day biases. These issues never came to my attention in my everyday life. However, through taking this class it made me socially aware of the issues that I was facing but was not conscious of. The class taught me many things I did not know. I never knew there were separate ads for women and men, so they could only apply for gender specific jobs. I was not aware the advertisements of the past were so sexist and talked to women as if they were dumber or less than men. Another concern that was brought to my attention was about the people of the past. They were more conservative so issues such as domestic abuse were ignored until the women’s movement brought awareness to the people.
The original feminist movement started because of women’s disapproval to traditional gender roles. Feminism began as a movement started by well-off western white women. Most of whom were limited to domestic life at home, in order to change the idea that a woman’s place was in the home and nowhere else. It was supposed to be a movement that showed women could be successful outside the home as professionals and thinkers, while also making the case that…

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