I Learned At The University Of Texas Essay

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One day early in fall 2013 semester, my first at The University of Texas at Austin, I learned of the news that a former football and basketball teammate of mine in high school threw his college athletic career down the drain. The all-district and all-state multi-sport sensation had a bright future ahead of him. This was until he walked away from his scholarship to return home. Sure, up to that point I had heard of the many stories of individuals not taking advantage of the opportunities that athletics can offer; however, this news was different to me. I could not comprehend why he would give up the opportunity that his athletic talent allowed him to receive. I knew what the statistics illustrated would happen to the majority of my classmates that I graduated with and I wanted, so passionately, to do everything I could to ensure that my class did not conform to that norm. History has shown that the most students in my small east Texas school will not obtain a college degree, with a number of those individuals not even stepping one foot on a college campus. However, my classmate had the opportunity that he normally would not have had without football. He had the opportunity to go to college and receive a degree while playing a sport that he enjoyed. Instead of taking advantage of this, he chose to return home and now he has no desire to attend college.

After this news, I began to hear more and more stories just as similar to his. I could not understand why it…

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