Essay about I Learned About The Class

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When I applied to INDS class, I didn’t really know what the class was about, but at the orientation it was somewhat discussed. The main thing that I learned about the class, was that it helps you succeed in college, and you have a higher chance of graduating at the right time. So when I was picking my classes for the fall semester, I was recommended to take the class, and so I did. It was only once a week, so it wasn’t going to be that bad. It turned out to be a good experience, the right decision to take this class, because it was very informative. When I started INDS, I was not really going to take the class serious because it is once a week, and I picked it because it was part of the learning block that I chose. I also needed a one credit class, so I took it. I thought that the class was not going to teach me anything, and was just going to be a long lecture about something not important. But it turned out to be otherwise, because I now consider it an important class, and would recommend freshmen to take it. Coming to Brooklyn College, I did not know my way around the school. I basically did not know where things are in this school, what you can do in this school, How? Where? And etc. It is a big college after all. But INDS helped me clear up on a lot of questions I had. It helped me know where every building is located, and what is in each building. We had like two or three tours where we go to a particular place and see what is in that place, and what can you…

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