I Learned About My Writing Essay

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“There is no excuse for late work!” This is something my Teacher Mrs. Suarez used to always tell our class. I learned many things in Student Success; our teacher would go over many topics and lessons. Out of all those things that she taught us, there was one thing that I knew very well about and something I wanted to learn more about. The topic that interested me the most was procrastination; the reason being is I am the type of person that procrastinates a lot. I always tend to leave everything to the last minute because I feel that I have enough time to complete that assignment. That is not the outcome many times because at the end I am rushing to get things turned in. In this course Mrs. Suarez told me many ways for me not to end up procrastinating and other ways to complete my work. I also got referred to using my textbook for ways to help. Something that I needed to do and will help me was to ask for help because another person may come up with the innovative method to get you to move forward and continue to do your work on time. This method I retrieved from Kravits textbook “Keys to college to Success”. This will help me in my lifelong learning process because it would help me not to procrastinate and not have to rush to do my work. Procrastination is the practice of carrying out last urgent task and preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and putting up impending task to a later time. This definition is…

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