I Learned About My Class Essay example

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The last few weeks of the semester were the most interesting for my class, and in many ways the most active. I learned more about my students in the last few classes than I had the rest of the semester. While both my instructor and I agree that the class was one of the most unenthusiastic we had ever been a part of, we are both satisfied that the students earned the grades they received, and that we helped them along their career path. We encountered two major problems in the class this semester. First, and perhaps the one more easily fixable, a communication problem. Secondly, the problem we struggled most with, a lack of participation or even interest in the class.

In our eagerness to emphasize independent thinking, we unintentionally de-emphasized adherence to class requirements. We urged the students to consider why they were taking this course – and others. We told them we wanted them to be different, to think for themselves, to not only learn, but to realize why they were learning. They were encouraged to discover their own biases as well of those of their teachers, family, and even the authors who wrote the books they learned from. Judging from the surprise the students showed nearer the end of the semester, when they were told that not everyone would receive a passing grade, they did not understand that they also had to adhere to course requirements. While the intent was to make them better understand the writing process, the loosely set, sometimes non existent, due…

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