Essay on I Learned A Great Deal About Early Childhood Education

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Spending two and half hours in each classroom, I learned a great deal about early childhood education from ages birth through eight, and the effort and skills that it takes to create a stimulating learning environment. For my infant, toddler, and preschool observations, I spent my hours at the CCC Childcare Center located in our college while for my kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade observations, I spent my time at Casey Park Elementary School. During my observations at the CCC Childcare Center, I learned plenty about the methods and practices that go into early education before primary grades. The preschool classroom really stood out to me because the centers in the classroom were very open ended and filled with lots of manipulative for the children. For instance, the science center, on the day I observed, had two small wooden slides with wooden spheres and cubes so children could experiment with shapes that slide and roll. Along with this activity, flip books were provided with written information on the science behind the activity, reinforcing reading and language skills. The only negative practice I saw in this observation was brought to my attention by the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale which calls for alternative activities to be provided if a child does not wish to participate in the group activity taking place. With only two teachers in the room, there was no supervision if a child was disinterested in the group activity and wanted to partake in…

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