Maya Angeleou

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African American writing is a type of writing started in the United States of America by the authors of African descents. These type of writings were commonly known as Slave Narratives. . The main themes represented in these writings are racism, slavery ,freedom and equality which were deprived of to the African community in America.

Maya Angelou was an American author, poet and civil right activist. She was born in April 4, 1928. She is considered to be one of the famous African American authors who has contributed altogether to the African American writing portraying the racial discrimination .She has written seven autobiographies which focus on her childhood and early adult experiences. She has also written three books of essays, and
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She moves to her mother Vivian in Los Angeles where she feels some comfort. Once Maya runs away from home and lives with homeless teenagers in a junkyard and she returns to San Francisco with confidence. She resisted racist hiring policies in wartime. At the age of 16 she hides her pregnancy and graduates from high school. She gives birth to a son and feels confident as mother.
Maya Angeleou in “ I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” explores African American history through the portrayal of a young woman’s life. Her whole life she continued to write on her own experience as the subject. In the First part she portrays the sufferings of being a poor black female in the segregated south during 1930s.

In the Second Part we can see Maya’s change from a victim of racism to a honorable young woman responding to injustice and discrimination. Throughout the book we hear all of her young thoughts and she tells them to us as a conversation. We can also feel her emerge as good storyteller. She describes each and every details of the situation in a lucid manner. The people in the book are well characterised and we can feel their different emotions deeply while reading the book. Critics often consider Caged Birds as an autobiographical fiction since she has used fiction-writing techniques such as dialogue, characterization, and thematic
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Maya uses first person narration with a stylistic elements of fiction like dialogues and detailed description from her past. It is a combination of fictional techniques with autobiography. Her works are praised for her openness, sincerity and honesty.The vocabulary she uses in the book is easy to understand and simple.It is not her poems nor her performance that made her famous in Afro American literature but her

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