Essay on I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

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Can you expound the appellation THOUGHTCRIME? Could you consider that your private reveries can place you at the pronouncement of magistrates and jurists? This idea became reality for my client, for as specified by the dictums established by the Winston vs. Oceania case, she has indeed committed the “unlawful act” of THOUGHTCRIME. Jurors, how would you feel about illogical racism and racial etiquette? How would things such as maltreatment and hackneyed norms effect you cognitively and emotionally? Marguerite Ann Johnson composed the poem “Caged Bird”, based on her novel “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, in which she expresses her opinions of chauvinism, ethnological politesses, child abuse, civil rights, and societal expectations. In doing this she directly challenged the enactments and postulations of Winston vs. Oceania. The fact stands that in society, people who see themselves as superior, use their power and position in the public or in the household to impact the lesser or minorities in a negative way. It is for this reason that Marguerite Johnson’s actions are justified. Sometimes in life, it is expected of the inferior to submit to the harsh and unfair ways of others who are in authority. During the time period in which Marguerite Johnson was raised, African Americans were subject to things such as racial etiquette, which was strictly enforced by white Americans. For example, “If a white person was well known, a black servant or hired hand or tenant might…

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