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I know what it’s like to have a dream taken away. With my older brother and two younger sisters, my parents were well on their way to being “done” with kids in the house. And then my baby sister happened. She was a surprise to all of us, but she was a dream come true. She changed my life—how I see things spiritually and emotionally, and how I communicate with the world and with my family. She altered my life in the blink of an eye because she came and she went. But she is still a part of me to this day.
My Stillborn Sister About 22 weeks into my mom’s pregnancy, I distinctly remember asking her how the baby was. “I haven’t felt her in awhile,” she shrugged. Neither of us thought anything of it, but the next week at her doctor’s appointment, the ultrasound technician couldn’t find a heartbeat. After the doctor searched for one, the results were final: the baby was dead.
After my sister passed, I realized that I found a new trust in God. I had to learn, really and truly for myself, if I believed that God was an individual who cared for me and could take care of my sister. Did I trust Him to take her away from me? And I realized that I did. In every decision I make in my life now, I find that the answer may not always be the answer I want to hear, but I am willing to walk where my Heavenly Father wants me to because I trust Him to make the best choices for me. While I went through the grieving process for my sister (whom we named Sabrina Marie), on occasion I…

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