I Just Wan Na Be Average By Mike Rose Essay

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1. I Just Wanna Be Average by Mike Rose
2. In the article, “I Just Wanna Be Average by Mike Rose tells us how his test scores had been mixed with another student with the same name, but rose was placed in an vocational track for two years because the other student did not do so well on the placement test. At Mercy all lower class teachers weren’t good and did not know what they are doing. Teachers had no experience of teaching struggling students. Rose never really had to try to pass any of the vocational classes because it was not a tough learning program. Ken Harvey said he wanted to be like an average common Joe. Rose is finally beginning to understand that. Since rose was transferred from voc. Ed. to college prep program he began to really struggle. Rose’s father had passed away from arteriosclerosis this caused Rose to fall behind on school work. Physical prowess did not matter anymore Rose was amazed by MacFarland’s teachings. Rose realized that he liked getting good grades and that he would be the only one in his family to go to college. But it’s thanks to MacFarland that Rose got accepted to Loyola University. MacFarland basically helped Rose start his life over again. He now has critical perspectives on society.
3. Engaging the Text
1. Rose’s teachers at voc. ed. we’re not good teachers. The teachers were actually coaches which they would not have the educational background on different subjects besides sports and health. For example, his sophomore English teacher…

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