Essay on I Is The First Day Back

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You are back in elementary school; it is the first day back. With no doubt about it, all of your new classmates are nervous and uneasy about the brand new school year. With a million thoughts running through your small and anxious mind, you are asking a thousand questions to yourself. You are sitting in your new desk, around your new friends, looking at a completely new environment from the previous school year; you get a very uneasy and tense feeling in your stomach. However, most importantly, what will your teacher this year be like this year? Yet again, another hurricane of questions rolls through your mind. What is her personality like? What type of environment will the classroom be based around? Relaxed yet motivational or stressful and confusing. What will you and all of your new classmates learn this year? As a student, these are some of the questions that go through a child’s mind and could possibly create anxiety about the year starting. Going into such a high demanding career as an educator, in my opinion, it takes someone with a very special talent and skill with outstanding personal and professional traits to be an elementary teacher. With the high demand in teachers, being successful in their job they, as well experience anxiety. Students without a doubt experience anxiety when coming into a new classroom environment, but teachers as well go through the same about of anxiety when they are welcomed with a new set of students each year. According to Hicks, “a…

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