I Interviewed My Ct, Mrs. P Essay

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I interviewed my CT, Mrs. P about a time she was challenged by a student’s behavior and her answer presented a challenging behavior indeed. She told me about a student, who I will refer to as student D, she had several years ago who use to interrupt instruction on a daily basis in what she believed to be an attempt to get attention. His disruptive behavior occurred on a daily basis but the intensity varied from day to day. Some days he would stand up in front of the white board while Mrs. P was teaching, or he would crawl under the easel or centers chart, on more severe days he would scream, throw books, books bags, or anything else close to him, and run out in the hallways screaming. One particularly difficult day, he destroyed Mrs. P’s classroom by throwing everything off all the book shelves and countertops. He broke things and ran around the room yelling angrily. When the principal came to remove him from the classroom he kicked and spit on her. Student D’s disruptive and aggressive behavior regularly interfered with instruction. At a minimum it distracted students and when at its worst, it scared students. Student D’s behavior created an unsafe and ineffective learning environment for both Student D and the other students in the class. His behavior made is difficult for Mrs. P to teach and the more she would try to deescalate the situation the more worked up he would become. She often felt frustrated but she wanted her students to feel safe and be able to learn,…

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