Essay on I Interviewed Lachhu Thapa 's Educating The Children

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I interviewed Lachhu Thapa, aged 37 and who lived in Nepal for 26 years before moving to Australia. He has a deep insight on the cultural developments and changes that have occurred as he has spent most of his life in Katmandu the heart of Nepal and still visits every 3 months with tour groups that he runs. It is clear from the interview that education and lifestyle is constantly changing. In his view this is because of many western influences, which have been both positive and negative.

Whilst stating that “Nepal [does have very] strong cultural roots” it is apparent that Nepal is changing from its humble beginning to a traveling mecca for western tourist, with every western necessities from western hotel rooms to KFC. In Thapa 's opinion “ educating the children” is the only way that the country can preserve its heritage as it can be lost in only “ three generations”. If “the parents do not teach the children about their history [and also religion and traditions]” the children forget and do not pass on this kind of cultural knowledge, this means that they can be led down a path of a more western lifestyle which is becoming more popular with the younger generation. Nepal does not stand alone in experiencing such changes, with many other countries around the world becoming shadowed by western culture.

The increase of technology and therefore more global connections and information is having a big impact around the world. The youth of Nepal are “digitally connected”…

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