I Interviewed J. An 83 Year Old Divorced Caucasian Woman From Manville Living

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For this senior interview report, I interviewed J, an 83-year-old divorced Caucasian woman from Manville living in an apartment complex for the elderly in Cumberland. She was born to two Canadian immigrants in 1932 and only learned to speak English when her first child was born in 1955. As a child, she was part of a lower-class family that consisted of her parents and sister, Rita, and was one of the few girls her age that completed all three years of high school. From there, she went on to become a waitress and eventually a representative for Hallmark cards. In 1952, she married A, a construction worker from her town, and they had three children, but unfortunately, they struggled to earn money and stay out of poverty. During 1983, she divorced A and now lives alone, but is still close with her former husband.
Overall, J does not feel as if she experiences a great amount of ageism in her daily life. She stated that older people today are “generally viewed with respect, even if some have debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer’s.” However, she did indicate that once and a while, customer service representatives and cashiers may take advantage of her, especially because she is significantly hard-of-hearing. For example, she mentioned that several weeks ago, she thought that AOL purposely locked her out of her email account and they charged her a large amount of money to solve the problem. Because she could not understand every word said on the phone, she felt exploited by…

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