Essay on I Interviewed Debi Teeple Who Owns And Runs Her Business

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I interviewed Debi Teeple who owns and runs her business LivingFit Rx. LivingFit Rx is essentially a more welcoming gym for older clientele. Debbi and her coaching staff work with older individuals (and sometimes younger) who either realize exercising will help them live longer or have medical issues such as a hip/knee replacement or an illness that can be helped with exercise.
To start off, Debi is a hardworking individual, she and her small team have beautifully crafted LivingFit Rx. When Debi first started her journey she wanted to a be a physical therapist, however, she had kids and wanted to devote more time to them than school. At that point, she decided to become a Pastor and felt a counseling degree would help her in that part of her life. After the kids grew up she wanted to do more with her life which is when she decided to start LivingFit Rx. To begin this journey, she earned certifications for senior fitness specialist through NCCPT, functional fitness through ACE and is a master power plate trainer.
Moving onto the actual work of LivingFit Rx. Debi and her coaches will train anyone who walks through the door and wants to get better. Debi loves that she gets to help people improve their quality a life, walking clients through challenging positions in life and seeing them recover is a highpoint in her job. Debi continues her to help people with the proceeds of her company. All profits go to Agape therapeutic riding center and Ascent 121 which go to helping sex…

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