I Interviewed A Ucsd Student Who Is One Of The Founding Members Of Unicef

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For my investigative assignment, I interviewed a UCSD student who is one of the founding members of UNICEF. The mission of the organization is to help low-income students by giving them free tutoring. The organization emphasized the importance of equal education to all students, regardless of their backgrounds. By providing the low-income students with free tutoring, the organization helps children to have equal access to education. The organization also collected canned foods and Christmas gifts and gave them to these students. My interviewee said that the organization offers students to be more aware of the situation of how low-income kids are not offered with better education system. The students in this organization can contribute to the society by giving free tutoring to the low-income children. The organization is important for students because many of them are not aware of how large number of children is from a low-income background and how these children are living in poor communities where they do not get better food, clothes, and education. The organization offers students with a great opportunity to be an active participant in helping low-income kids by giving them a free tutoring session and other necessary supports. Lastly, my interviewee said that many students join this organization to either make their resume fancy or they are really interested in mitigating these ongoing social problems. From the group discussion, I learned that UCSD has various student…

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