I Have Worked Towards Improving My Writing Skills Through Practice

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During this past semester in English 112, I have worked toward improving my writing skills through practice. Throughout this course I wrote four essays: a summary and response, an argumentative, a literary analysis, and a multigenre. Each of these papers were a different type and had its own specific goal to work on. These goals varied greatly and were achieved to a different degree of success. Each paper is presented in the order in which they were written, with the drafts on the left and the final copies on the right. Out of the four, I would consider my multigenre paper to be the strongest, and the summary and response to be my weakest. Reasoning for this will be expanded on later in the preface. In the first paper, the summary and response, my goal was to learn how to write using templates from the They Say, I Say textbooks. We were told to pick a group of essays in the textbook to summarize and respond to them in a concluding paragraph. Out of the five choices given, I wrote about the topic “Is pop culture good for you?” Overall, I think I did well on my goal but still ended up with a paper which was not the best display of my writing abilities. This style was simply too structured to provide adequate room for creativity and stylistic improvements. For this reason, I say that I was able to accomplish this goal better than any of my others, yet I still produced one of my worst papers written during this course. The next paper allowed a bit more creativity. We had to…

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