Essay on I Have The Best Parents Ever

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“I have the best parents ever” was a phrase that was often said during my depressing childhood. I would smile and say “I do too” even though that was far from the truth. No one knew the secrets I hid or the reason why I never had any friends over. My dad was a truck driver that spent Monday through Thursday on the road. My mother was an alcoholic that could not be left alone by herself. Every Friday I wanted to crawl up in a ball and pretend I was a part of some wonderful family. But instead, I had to watch my mother and father get belligerently drunk and constantly beat each other.
As I was sitting in my last period class as a fourth grader, my teacher asks “who’s ready for the weekend?” Everyone in my class raised their hand, except for me. I had a terrible feeling in my stomach that my dad got off early and was at home alone with my mom. My teacher could obviously tell that something was troubling me, so she took me out in the hall to talk. As soon as the words “why aren’t you ready to go home like everyone else” came out of her mouth, my eyes filled with tears. I did not tell her the reason as to why I hated the weekends, so her bright idea was to send a note home with me telling my parents that something is wrong with me.
When school was out I slowly walk out of my elementary school doors to see my dad patiently waiting for me in his nineteen ninety seven jeep Cherokee. I get in and ask “where is mom” and he tells me she is at home. I take a sigh of relief knowing…

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