I Have No Name? Homo Sapiens, And The Paleolithic Period Essay

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I have no name. I am Homo sapiens sapiens, and I 've helped develop our culture. I have lived through many dark times, known to you as nights. I have no formal written language and am able to be equal in cognition and articulation as you, though this does not hold true for me in my time. My life here is during the time you refer to as the "Paleolithic” period. This is the earliest t and longest age of the Stone Age, lasting from c. 1, 5000,000 to c. 8000 B.C. We actively developed and utilize stone tools and weapons for our daily needs: Stone is so much more effective and reliable than wood or bone. Many men have survived the hunt for food because of these new weapons render the creatures immobile or dead so much more quickly. It is also kinder to the source, as well. My sibling, my brother was not so fortunate. Before he was capable of adeptly crafting his stone weaponry, he was fatally injured during a hunt with a noble animal. When his life-fire was extinguished, our people wished to honor his efforts for our community survival. We took his bodily form, now devoid of his essence, and adorned it with beautiful necklaces and other finely made jewel. The detail of the community 's gifts spoke to their gratitude for his sacrifice. We sprinkled red ocher, a pigment made from hydrated oxide of iron and earthly materials over his form which we 'd placed in the position of birth, facing the place of the rising of the sun. As each day is reborn with the sun 's light and warmth,…

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