I Have No Memory Of My Parents Essay

1608 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
I have no memory of my parents being together because they divorced when I was two. Since I was an only child until I was eight, I grew up receiving nothing less than their complete and undivided attention. They both moved on, and started dating new people; I expected that and it didn’t bother me when it came to my mom, but my dad was another story. Now, understand that my dad and I have always been close. I am a daddy’s girl and I, even from a young age, have always wanted him to be happy; even if it wasn’t with my mom. My dad had girlfriends here and there, nothing serious, but I was never left out because most of them had children of their own. These were the women I liked, but it never seemed to work out. Eventually my dad found Branda, sweet Branda. When he was with her it seemed as if he could walk on air; at last, my dad had found happiness. For a while, she was so much fun. We baked together, went to McDonalds, the park, and the movies. She even bought us a new mixer for when we baked together; my wish was her command, and I was so happy to have her around. Everything was perfect right? How could things get any better? My dad had found someone who not only made him happy, but someone who made his little girl happy too. As all good things do though, it came to an end. Things started to change in not just her, but in my dad as well. It seemed like she was in audition mode for my dad so he would ask her to move in, but after she was in, she was done with me. Soon she…

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