I Have Made A Better Writer Essay

936 Words Dec 15th, 2016 4 Pages
As a communications major, English sixty-one has made me more than confident that my major is the right one for me. I say this because, I have made it clear to myself that I am not that bad at English. Though, I had no idea what I was coming into, not knowing if I would be successful. This English courses has taught me many wonderful tools. One thing it has taught me is how powerful the written word and language can be. I now know that my thoughts can be use to make a difference in how someone may think about something. Despite the fact, I do leave with one thing that I need to work on. That is my ability to write creatively. I have learned many great tools that have made be a better writer. Many of them were things that I had previously been taught, but they were made more clear to me this semester. With all these wonderful tools there is a main one that really is not really a tool, but more of an epiphany. The epiphany is, how you write and how you speak are such powerful traits to carry. If you want to cause a difference or an impact, the way you write can help you do that. In my first essay I was challenged to write about what I did that made my life better. I wrote about how a quick afternoon nap benefits you greatly. In this essay I was able to appeal to a great number of people. I say that because, I wrote about all the benefits a nap carries. By stating that, I could try and convince anyone that they could take time out of their day to improve their life by taking…

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