I Have Learned New Tips Essay

1450 Words Sep 29th, 2015 6 Pages
Going from high school to college is a big jump. College professors expect the level of performance to be higher than high school teachers. In high school, teachers allow a lot of things to slide by that a college professor would not. The intensity of school work is higher and more effort is required to succeed. While reading the different chapters of Writing in College, I have learned new tips on how to write a more successful essay by learning how to not plagiarize, getting my readers hooked, and how to write a paper more effectively.
One important part in writing essays is to get the reader hooked. The point of an essay is to make the reader be able to know what the paper is about within the first paragraph. College professors want to see what the point of your paper is. When the professor asks you what the point of your paper is they do not always want to know what your whole paper is about. They are asking for the most important sentence that you wrote in the essay. This sentence should sum up the most important thing in the essay. What if you do not know what a good “point” would be for the essay. A good point to a paper has many different good key aspects in the one sentence. This one sentence says something significant about what is in the essay. This point should hopefully be something that the reader did not already know. In order to find that good point in your paper, you must gather evidence to support that one sentence. There must be many supporting details…

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