I Have Learned About Diversity Essay

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Looking back on these five weeks in PSY485 I have learned many things. To be successful in counseling I will need to be a better listener, follow complete ethics, and remember diversity while upholding my biblical beliefs. Completing the application process for my masters was one highlight. Another was I have narrowed down the fields I will pursue in my master’s program. Here are a few of the skills that will help me be a success.
Briefly summarize and critically analyze the key concepts, models, theories, and research learned in PSY485A (include your personal and biblical worldviews along with appropriate APA citations).
A few skills I have learned that I need to be better at are listening, articulating my words, word building, and grammar. I need to remember my ethics and diversity. I learned about diversity. To be successful in counseling I will have to remember to respect diversity in that I cannot dismiss someone’s religious beliefs as invalid. I will need to respect their worldview and not push my beliefs on them or act as if mine are right and theirs are wrong. I have many skills I need to work on to be a better counselor.
One of the skills that I have gotten better at but still need to improve is listening. Landrum and Davis 2014, says, “Good listener: Ability to serve and read others.” They go on to say, “Quick to understand what someone is saying and able to follow directions” (p.18). As a psychology major and I am going to be a counselor, listening will be…

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