Essay about I Have Grown As A Writer

1015 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Self Assignment Throughout the entire semester of Paideia, I have grown as a writer by improving and creating a compelling thesis statement. My fist thesis statement this semester was “By these pursuits education and empathy through the Golden Rule, we are capable of developing as humans”. This thesis statement is not compelling. I just summarized what the body paragraphs would be about and how it connected to the writing prompt. Professor Vazquez’s biggest critique on this paper was to create a stronger, more compelling, and debatable thesis statement. She also said to make my thesis not only about the book we are writing about. Over the semester my goal was to work on my thesis statements. For my second essay this semester my thesis statement was “if he was not human he would not grow as a creature by learning a language, having emotions, and being affectionate towards others”. I thought this was my best thesis because it gives insight about what my paper is on and shows how complex the creature really is. One thing I still can work on is making it more debatable and intriguing the readers to continue to read my essay. Compelling introductions should answer these three questions; what is this about, why am I reading this, and what do you want me to do after reading the essay? If you can answer all three of these questions in your introduction paragraph you will grasp your reader’s attention. I think that I accomplished this because I answered all of these questions.…

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