Essay on I Have Economic Freedom?

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I have economic freedom. I can go to the supermarket where food from around the world is brought to my neighborhood. I drive my car wherever I feel, New York City, Boston, Washington DC. I own the latest technology, built for me in Asia and transported to America. This technology needs constant supply of electricity, but that is not a problem because my buildings have built in electricity sources. This really is the “Good Life”.
Many in America experience the Good Life with me, we all have the freedom to consume as much as we want. Our government’s definition of economic strength, GDP, is determined by the amount of spending and therefore consumption throughout the year. GDP here and across the world is increasing; the Good Life is reaching more and more. The expansion of the Good Life can also be seen in global poverty data, which shows less people living under the poverty line. If more people are experiencing my freedom to consume, which brings so many wonderful luxuries, why are political theorists like Dipesh Chakrabarty pessimistic about the global future?
Chakrabarty, in his essay “The Climate of History”, discusses the Good Life, high mass consumption, and its effect on fossil fuel use. Gas is used in every purchase because of shipment and transportation. Most electricity produced is generated by burning coal. With increased consumption and electricity use in recent decades both in the United States and abroad, the use of fossil fuels has dramatically increased.…

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