I Have Always Been Labeled As Intelligent Essay example

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I have always been labeled as intelligent. It has been one of the most prominent labels I have had to grow up with and one of the most burdensome. In general, people view having “intelligence” as having an advantage over everyone else. However, they do not see the pressure and stress it places on an individual’s shoulders. Contrary to making things easy for me, my intelligence has made it harder for me to find something I am passionate about. This would change when, as a high school freshman, I had the pleasure of meeting the “meanest” teacher in the English department. In spite of this frightening title she was the one who saw the potential in me and became my mentor. She pushed me to develop my analytical skills and to find pleasure in the never ending challenge of questioning literature. In her I was able to see the dedication it takes to be a teacher. While classes like calculus and anatomy challenged my brain, none of them forced me to defend my conclusions as literature did. They did not force me to think beyond the solution. Having the capacity to learn things fast combined with my family’s poor economic standing made many assume I would go into a highly marketable field, such as engineering. However, I chose English because regardless of how frustrated a specific book or paper made me feel, there was always an even greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after I finished it. As an undergraduate I studied many different forms and genre of literature. Each…

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