Essay on I Have A Very Diverse Family

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As an Individual in 2016 I have a very diverse family. My mom and dads families are very different but have both been involved in conflict. When discussing my family I will discuss my great grandparents on my mom’s side and my fifth great grandparents on my dad’s side.
My Great Grandparents immigrated to Canada from Europe after WW2. The war was the reason they decided they wanted to leave. In Holland where they lived there was a lot of struggling due to the conflict. My great grandfather was taken to work for Germany while my great grandmother was still in Holland witnessing soldiers creating conflict. After the war they wanted to leave because the conflict changed the way they viewed their home.
My fifth great grandparents met in St. Andrews Manitoba. My fifth great grandmother Nahoway was a Cree lady that grew up near York factory while my fifth great grandfather William grew up in Scotland. Over the years they lived in St. Andrews together they had multiple kids together. In 1818 William passed away, in his will he stated that he wanted his children to attend school in Scotland. The administrator of his will wanted to get his request out of the way so he sent Nahoway’s remaining kids to Scottland. Nahoway was devastated that they took her kids, especially her youngest son who was only 7. Every day Nahoway would sit on the limestone banks of the red river waiting for her son to come home. She did this almost every day until she passed away.
As time has went by I no…

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