Essay on I Have A Station Rotation Model

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When you say blended learning, it is more or less like stations and means that this group is maybe working on this on the iPads and this group is working on something else and you are working with this group.

Interviewee: Yes, a station rotation model.

Interviewer: But, that doesn’t mean that everybody is on their device.

Interviewee: No, because some of the stations are not necessarily related to technology. Sometimes they are analyzing documents, and source and using a paper and pencil, but sometimes we take it and scan it and they are doing it on a PDF. It just depends on what level that student needs. Some of them need the paper and pencil so they have something to refer back to for the next time and then they do it digitally.

Interviewer: That makes sense. Besides the iPads, is there any other technology that you have regularly available to you in the classroom?

Interviewee: I have a smart board and we use that a lot for interactive things, especially sorts and categorizing things, across all different content areas. The kids touch and manipulate it, it is not just a projector, it is really interactive with you use it that way.

Interviewer: Do you have technical difficulties with the smart board?

Interviewee: I hope that we are moving towards the ones that are throw projectors. You don’t even need the smartboard screen, you can just throw it on your whiteboards and just use special smartboard markers. We have one in our building right now and I am hoping we are…

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