Essay about I Have A Special Relationship With Food

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I have a special relationship with food. That being, I love it. I cannot imagine how I am only slightly overweight. Among my favorite places to eat, Texas Roadhouse might be at the top of the list. When I enter the establishment my eyes wander over to where the rolls and their special cinnamon butter are waiting to be consumed by the customer. I hear country music playing in the background, and feel some peanut shells crumbling under my feet like leaves on a beautiful autumn day. Without looking at the menu, my mind is already preparing my stomach for the flavorful food that I am about to encounter. Texas Roadhouse has given the Newark population somewhere local to get a great steak while getting a significant value. From personal experience, most of the other steakhouses will get very pricey for a family of five making it difficult to dine at their restaurant while living on a tight budget. Texas Roadhouse also offers specials throughout the week to help families on a budget. The chain of restaurants was founded in Clarkesville Indiana by Kent Taylor. They wanted to serve the blue collar community with unbeatable service and high quality dinner items. They have not branched out to do any type of breakfast, instead they put all their focus on doing dinner the best possible way. After opening their first restaurant in 1993, Texas Roadhouse quickly expanded, and came to us in Newark in 1998. When driving down the highway you can see a sign for dining next exit. Upon…

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