I Have A Long Distance Friendship Essay

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Huri and I have a long distance friendship which definitely impacts our communication because we don’t actually see each other face to face a lot anymore. Since I’ve moved to Denton we’ve definitely kept in touch and we still make an effort to communicate with each other. But now we tend to communicate in slightly different ways than we did when we would actually see each other in person on a fairly regular basis. Our main forms of communication that have been successful for us so far as Huri would say are a lot of texting and snapchatting. We snapchat each other often throughout the day, probably more than texting simply because we can send pictures to include the other person in whatever we’re doing while also adding text and having a chat option as well.
One of Huri’s biggest needs that they would say they have is to be reassured that they are liked for who they are and not feel like they are hated. Huri has Borderline Personality Disorder which really affects their everyday life and because of this I always try to incorporate Huri in my life and make an effort to talk to them everyday. I tend to start the conversation to let Huri know that I want to talk to them and that I enjoy talking to them, this is something that Huri says they appreciate a lot and helps them to know that they are liked.
Our relationship is pretty positive and I believe that 's because we take time understand each other and we always try to be aware of each other 's feelings. One aspect of our…

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