Essay on I Have A Guardian Watching Over Me

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I have a guardian watching over me in heaven,I call him Abuelo. Ever since I was a young girl, I admired my grandfather as a hero and a role-model. My beloved grandfather ,Alberto Schellemberg, has had an everlasting imprint on my life. When I think of my Abuelo, tears come to my eyes as I recall my fond memories I have of him.The long phone calls I had with him and the special visits.He provided me with an abundance of unconditional love,kindness,patience ,comfort,and motivation.My grandfather taught me that you don’t need a cape nor an eye mask to be a hero .He taught me certain values that helped shape who I am today. My grandfather may seem to be like every other grandfather soft and caring. However, despite what one may assume my grandfather was not the “mushy grandpa” rather, he was a man of great character. A man with a strong personality,he had a golden heart but a face of steel. True he loved his children and grandchildren with all his heart ,yet he would not always show it very outwardly. He portrayed his love through his actions rather than his words or gestures.I know and felt that my grandfather loved me dearly and I didn 't need constant hugs or kisses to prove it. He believed in tough love.At times, I would call my grandfather in order to update him about my life and rather than congratulating me he would encourage me to keep striving even when a task seemed daunting and nearly impossible.Ultimately , when I would fall or give up he told me “stop crying…

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