Essay on I Have A Dream Speech

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I Have a Dream

The 1960’s was a time of learning to campaign for change and focusing on the American dream. In the United States, the Civil Rights Movement marked a turning point for all African American citizens. This movement gave voices to those citizens who were restrained by racism and segregation. Martin Luther King Jr. acted as the motivation for change. He influenced many to join a nonviolent stance against these injustices. The historic “I Have a Dream” speech prompted people to stand up peacefully for what was right. Comparing today’s society to the I Have a Dream speech demonstrates that a message regarding the dedication to achieve a goal can be applied to the flourishing complexity of the twenty-first century. The American dream is constantly adapting but the foundation is always rooted in the ambitions of the founding fathers. Are the central ideas of the American dream in the 1960’s portrayed in the “I have a Dream” speech reflected in history and the growing society today?
The Civil Right movement was transformed on August 28, 1963 of the 1960’s. The March on Washington brought more than 200,000 Americans to debate the topic of racial discrimination. Many other races were brought together on this day, not only African Americans, this proved that African Americans were not alone in this fight for freedom. In Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech he recognizes this by stating “the negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our…

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