I Have A Best Friend Essay

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I have a best friend, Donna’s parent who has been in prison—Donna’s biological parents that are involved with police, judges, and social workers and her biological father, Jose has been going in and out of prison many times because Jose was on drugs and domestic violence. For this paper, I will briefly talk about Donna’s mother, Penny and then mainly talk about Jose and why they were involved with police and the judge.
Penny was only sixteen years old when she gave birth to Donna and a couple years later, gave another birth to a girl, Anne-Marie. Jose seems he had no patience with Donna and Anne-Marie and Penny because he abused them badly. For example, once Anne-Marie climbed on to the top of the refrigerator and took a cookie for herself and her older sister, Donna, Anne-Marie now can twist her ankle to 180 degrees without pain. Anyway, Jose did not like it and punched Donna which sent her flying into the wall and twisted Anne-Marie 180 degree and break her ankle badly just because Anne-Marie wanted cookies. So Penny could not take it anymore and reported to police on Jose which started a drama with her own family and the authorities for a long time.
After reporting on Jose, it seems that Penny couldn’t win the custody over Donna and Anne-Marie due to Penny’s too young to take care of her own kids and the judge send her to finish school and find a good job first then Penny can get her children back so Donna’s grandma, Adelina took care of them for a good few years. Jose…

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