Essay about I Had The Pleasure Of Interviewing Kim Tam

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On Tuesday, August 30th, 2016, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Tam. She is currently the assistant principal of J.A. Maxwell Elementary School, which is located in Thomson, Georgia. I chose to interview her because my major is early childhood education, and I hope to one day become an elementary school teacher. I also knew that she has had a lot of experience with early childhood education. To begin the interview, we first discussed Tam 's degrees and credentials. Then, we discussed how long she has been in the education field and what different positions she has had. Finally, we discussed what she believed to be the biggest problems within the field and what solutions there may possibly be for them. Based on the topics we discussed, the one that was most significant in my opinion was the problems and solutions that Tam mentioned. She did not hesitate when telling me about the problems, which probaby means that they are very effective, and need a change. We began the interview by discussing Tam 's degrees and credentials. When I asked Tam what degree(s) she has, she responded, "I have a bachelor 's degree and a master 's degree in early childhood education. I also have a specialist degree in educational leadership." I then asked her which college or university she attended in order to receive her degrees. She responded, "I attended and graduated from Augusta College, which is now Augusta University." After asking Tam how long she has been an educator and what…

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