I Had The Experience Of Interview Laura Munro 's The Disability Service Advisor For Broward College Central Campus

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I had the experience of interview Laura Munro, my cooperating teacher at Nova Blanche Forman Elementary School and Sarahis Vega, the disability service advisor for Broward College Central Campus. When I went to interview, I felt a little nervous because usually I am the one answering the questions, but it was the other way around this time. When I asked them questions, they both took time to think and give a detail answer. In the end, they both taught me different things about the learning experience. My first interview was with Laura Munro who is a fifth grade teacher and has a passion for teaching and learning. In 1983, Mrs. Munro began taking her higher teaching courses at the university level and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) certification was not being offered yet; however, she was determined to get certified. This lead to her taking five classes on ESOL ten years later, which equates to sixty hours for each course and was a total of 300 service training hours. Mrs. Munro truly believes that every child can learn, if they have the capability and determination. As stated by Mrs. Munro, “Each teacher has to find the techniques and strategies to unlock each students learning style.” This statement of hers is in fact true because every child has different styles of learning and being exposed to different techniques will help children learn better. When teaching students, Mrs. Munro uses the scaffolding theory. She acquaints her students to different ways of…

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