Essay on I Had My Own Horse

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I grew up on a farm with only two close houses nearby. From birth I had my own horse. Both of my parents worked full time. My mom worked nights after we go home from school and my dad would come home about an hour after my mom left. My dad had other things to do when he got home, as well as take care of my other 3 younger siblings. Therefore, I would run over to the neighbor’s house after school every day. Out of my two of my neighbors Only one had a child. Their daughter was 4 years older than I was. Therefore, my parents felt comfortable letting me play with her without as much, if any, adult supervision. There is a public trail in between her house and my parent’s house. We would often take our horses out on the trail until dinner time. There were many times when I would eat with her family and not get home until dark. This started when I was 5-6 years old and she was 9-10 years old. It started as us riding in the arena or with one of our dads on the trail. However, since my friend was so much older she got bored and encouraged us to go out alone. We went further each time we went out. We also found deer trails that we explored that went high up the mountains. During the summer we would make lunches and built secret forts in the woods. It was a lot of fun exploring the mountain.
Urie Bronfenbrenner proposed the Bronfenbrenner’s model in 1977. This theory suggests that each person’s development is influenced by the five different systems. These systems include, the…

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