I Had Made Some Good Friends Essay

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Friendship, particularly a trusting and dear friendship is essential for positive, social and psychological health of the individuals that are involved in the relationship. In our world today, we need trusted friends to listening to us, give us emotional support and empathy. If we cannot find this in a friend or spouse we will seek it out in a professional setting such as a counselor, or pastor. We seek to have this type of interpersonal relationships; they are what help us grow in caring, loving and trusting people.

Throughout my life, I have had made some good friends. I am blessed to have these wonderful people in my life. I had and have two dear friends in Michigan; they are my long term friends. When we get together it is as if no time has passed. Unfortunately, a lot of time and distance has passed and those friends in Michigan are not in my daily life. Upon moving to Indiana in 2002 with my husband and three children, there was a physical distance from me and my friends, I struggled to make connections in my new hometown. Yes, I had my family, but I needed a friend. I made a connection with my Aunt via phone, but this was not enough. I met some great people and have had a few fast friends that did not weather the storms of life. Finding a true friend was not an easy task, until 2009.

So let me tell you about my dear friend Ellen. In of 2009, I boarded a bus with my daughter to go to the International Festival with Mrs. Hienzelman’s Art Club. The bus was full; 30…

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