I Had Just Got My Life Together Essay

1255 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
I had just got my life together. I had been out of work for over a year and as the recession got worse and worse finding a job was more than impossible for a 19 year old female, which had had a rough work ethic and had no certificates of any value. But then I found it, the job of my dreams being an elderly caregiver, I put my everything into the interview and struck pot luck and got the job.

My partner and I had agreed to stay living at home so we could save all the money possible for the house of our dreams. We were out all the time together with friends, drinking, meeting new friends, laughing, oblivious to the unplanned path that lay ahead.

My partner was away at the time, on a 4 wheel drive trip. I was only two days late for that 'time of the month ' but it felt like a week and I started to panic. I drove up to the closest mall with my 7 year old sister in the back of the car; she was the only one who wouldn 't know what I was buying and why I was buying it. She and I are so very alike and hadn 't really got on, but for today she was my best friend, and I look at her differently now, almost like a comfort I never knew I had. I didn 't want to tell mum or anyone else that I could be pregnant, until I could get my head around it.

So I sat in the ensuite bathroom of my parent’s room with the door tightly locked and a timer and a test in my hand. I did the deed, and watched the test as it lay on the counter, one line appeared I watched anxiously and then slowly…

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