Essay on I Had An Ok Day

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I had an ok day, I couldn’t wait to graduate in 2 years. Though I don’t know what to major in for collage. School went along as usual and when it was done I went home to do my homework as usual. Today I didn’t have that much. It wasn’t that hard as well. So when I finished I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to play any video games the day was too beautiful to do that. I looked at my phone and saw my neighbor finally text me after awhile. He asked me if I wanted to go outside and hang out. I thought that would be fun. We have gone out walking before and it was fun. I asked my mom.
“Mom can I go outside and walk with Chris?” I asked.
“Sure honey don’t be out too late though” My mom replied. I went back to my phone and replied back to him saying that I wanted to join him and I would meet him outside in a couple minutes. I went to my room and changed into more comfortable clothing. I went back downstairs and put on shoes and waited for Chris. He said he would be here and second. I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. I finally saw him coming down the road to my house. I turned around grabbed my purse with my phone in it.
“Bye” I called to my mom.
“Bye” my mom said. I opened the door and headed outside.
“Hey Chris” I greeted.
“Hey you ready?” Chris asked. I nodded and we started to walk through our neighborhood. As we walked through the neighborhood I looked and saw cute flowers.
“Those are really pretty flowers” I said itching my eyes.
“Yeah hey you ok?” He asked.

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