I Had Always Been What Some Would Call A Good Student Essay

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I had always been what some would call a “good student”. I never got in trouble, and I never went into the principal’s office. I did my homework most of the time. I made good grades, and I even made it to the spelling bee two consecutive years. The first year I was in the third grade. I remember that year vividly. During the semifinals I completely obliterated my opponents. It wasn’t even close. The spelling bee that day lasted maybe only 20 minutes. I flew through those words like Donald Trump’s toupee flies off his head in the wind.
“Hahahaha! You guys suck!” I said, boasting about my certificate of achievement. “I honestly thought it would be harder than that haha”.
“Geez Vaylen shut up.” An obvious jealous girl told me.
“Don’t be such a sore loser, Emily.” I said mockingly. Emily and I were bitter rivals during our course of elementary. We were constantly one-upping each other, she hated when I beat her at anything.
As we left the class I proceeded to sing “We Are the Champions” and in doing so made almost all of the kids mad, especially Emily. Now, I know that sounds like me being a “sore winner” or having poor sportsmanship, but let me explain; when my competitive juices start flowing no one stands in front of me and victory.
I raced home off the bus to tell my mom the good news.
“Mama, I won!” I had the biggest smile on my face, and I was filled with pride.
“Congratulations, but now you have to study harder so you can win it all.”
I was kind of hurt by the fact…

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