Essay I Had A Wonderful Experience

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There is a lot of moments in many places in the world; however, there are some places having especial moment you won’t forget for ever. Willis tower is an unusual place in Chicago. Willis tower, which is a point of pleasure for many people in the USA. I had a fantastic experience; I wish if I could to regained that’s moment to enjoy it again and again. I don’t think so, I will forgetting a tiny detail of all that day. I had a mix of emotions wondered, exciting, and something happed inside my heart, when I saw a high glass room that 's far from ground is 1,353 feet. the number made me feel a lot of sweat.
When I went inside the Willis tower, I made my steps slower than my husband. I thought that day will be the last day in my life. However, my husband tried to slow down of my stress by hold my hand and he said don’t worry I will be with you. When the elevator came down to take us to 3rd floor I felt of some dizziness; I started to search for some sugar in my bag. I didn’t find any things. Also, the elevator was faster than any elevator in Chicago. The speed was 1,600 feet (488 meters) per minute.
After that, I was on the 103rd floor, which is having the glass boxes extend out 4.3 feet from the sky deck. Wow that was amazing view forever, but still I can’t stand for any more. I will fall if I don’t drink or eat some sugar. On the other hand my husband was messy what can I doing? Then he said I will do down to bring some juice for you and be in this chair please. However,…

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